the august birthstone edit: peridot

Written by Daena
12.08.2019, 11:00

August is upon us and with the new month brings a new birthstone to obsess over. Peridot is the birthstone for the eighth month of the year, a gemstone which is said to ward off nightmares and have healing powers. The peridot stone is a lime green colour, which comes about through its high content of iron and magnesium in its makeup. “How is this …

the july birthstone edit: ruby

Written by Daena
12.07.2019, 11:00

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby We couldn’t start the July birthstone edit without a reference to this classic Kaiser Chiefs song. So now you know that the July birthstone is a ruby, lets learn a little about this precious stone. The deep red stone is said to represent love, courage and emotion, and is also believed to bring good fortune to the wearer. Alongside the diamond, …

the june birthstone edit: pearl, alexandrite & moonstone

Written by Daena
19.06.2019, 11:00

If you’re a June baby, you’re arguably the luckiest when it comes to your birthstone as you have three to choose from: pearl, alexandrite & moonstone! Don’t think pearls go with your style? No problem! How about alexandrite? Not a fan of colour? maybe go for the moonstone… Pearls have been hugely popular in jewellery for many years, and tend to be associated with a …

the may birthstone edit: emerald

Written by Daena
10.05.2019, 11:00

The May birthstone is the Emerald, a stone which is more rare and valuable than most other stones, in fact it is known as one of “The Big Three” alongside the Sapphire and Ruby. Typically, they are mined in countries such as Brazil, Colombia, and Zambia. The gorgeous rich green has been used in both royal crowns and engagement rings, and it is estimated that …

the april birthstone edit: diamond & clear

Written by Daena
10.04.2019, 11:46

All you April babies, you are lucky aren’t you! Arguably the best birthstone to have, but also the most expensive, the diamond is most commonly used in engagement rings, but are also popular in earrings. White diamonds are the most common variety of diamond, and the brighter the white, generally the more expensive the diamond. However, diamonds also come in various other colours such as …

the march birthstone edit: aquamarine

Written by Jas
15.03.2019, 12:48

March babies are lucky enough to have Aquamarine as their birthstone. In folklore, it was once believed that the alluring stone was the treasure of mermaids, and was used by sailors to bring luck and good fortune. This glimmering gem is vibrant in colour and has long been associated with calming and soothing qualities. The Azul tones are the perfect accompaniment to your spring/summer wardrobe. …

the february birthstone edit: amethyst

Written by Daena
08.02.2019, 11:00

February is in full swing, we know January felt like it lasted a whole year, and with that means a new birthstone edit. The birthstone for February is the amethyst, a gorgeous purple colour which is typically a deep violet, however can vary in darkness and is sometimes found to be a light lilac shade.  The amethyst is a lucky stone, not only is it the …

the january birthstone edit: garnet

Written by Daena
07.01.2019, 11:20

Happy New Year! January is the best time to make changes, and adding some garnets into your jewellery wardrobe is a great way to spice up your style this year. Garnets are said to have been used for years by travellers as a protection from accidents, and is a symbol of peace and good health (something we all need after the amount we ate at …

the december birthstone edit: tanzanite & turquoise

Written by Daena
10.12.2018, 11:00

How are we a third of the way through December already?! It feels like yesterday we were all complaining about the heat of the summer, and literally an hour since we typed the November birthstone edit. December is a strange month for birthstones, as it actually has two; tanzanite and turquoise. Both stones have cool blue tones, making them perfectly suitable for the winter month …

the november birthstone edit: citrine and topaz

Written by Jas
19.11.2018, 11:00

Scorpios are lucky enough to have two birthstones for the birth month November; the citrine which is a striking yellow-orange gem, and topaz most commonly found as a gorgeous light blue colour. These gems are both known for their calming energies, warmth and fortune to their wearers. Birthstones and horoscopes are all over this season’s fashion. Our fantastic selection of pieces in both the citrine …