bling that's hot in the villa - get the Love Island look

bling that's hot in the villa - get the Love Island look

02.07.2018, 11:00
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Hey – you want this year’s love island jewellery right?

We’ve said goodbye to our after work social lives for the rest of July, and invested ourselves in watching the top trash that British television can serve.

Who else is loving all the drama on Love Island? Yes, we are, and we’ve got some jewellery which will be totally your type on paper, inspired by the gorgeous girlies (and snakes) in the villa.

It seems when it comes to necklaces, the girls aren’t wearing a huge amount, but Dani in particular seems to be loving her round pendants, and she has one identical to this 9ct gold small engravable circle pendant from us! She also seems to have one which has a D on it, and we do these in sterling silver, with initials already engraved into them. If you prefer something even more plain, Dani also wore a drop bar pendant for her promo shoot, and we have an identical one in gold. It adds such nice detail to low cut tops, or bikinis if you fancy wearing some jewellery on the beach.

Now, I think we can all agree that Kendall’s departure was far too soon into the series, but whilst she was appearing on our screens, she had a necklace which was identical to our sterling silver karma circles necklace. It is such a dainty piece, and you can get the look for just £5.65 – we know, we know, what a bargain!

Laura was wearing some super large hoops on the day when the boys went off to Casa Amour, and a troop of new boys entered the villa. Our 80mm hoops are a super close match to hers, being lightweight and wearable, but still making a statement. She’s not the only girl to be into her larger hoops, Georgia has worn them a tonne of times since entering the villa too, and paired them with her gorgeous one shoulder white jumpsuit on re-coupling night.

It is definitely no secret that Dani wears the most jewellery out of all the girls, and perhaps has the most simple style with what she wears. These sterling silver flat 3mm round disc studs are a perfect match for her poolside piercings, and they are perfect for everyday wear – we can’t be wearing hoops all the time!

Someone else in the villa who has been well into their earrings, is Megan. She may not be making the best decisions at the moment, but at least her jewellery hasn’t been letting her down. In her promo picture she is wearing three sets of studs in her lobes, with one being some round CZ studs, similar to our sterling silver clear cz 6mm round stud earrings. If you’ve got more than one piercing in your lobes like Megan, pair these with two smaller round studs, such as the ones below.

So girls, you may not be in the villa this Summer, but at least you are one step closer with our villa-approved pieces! Tweet us and let us know who your favourite couple is @jewelleryboxuk